How to use Open Apply
Using the online system is fast and easy.  However, there are a few tricks that will help you 

1.  Can I begin the application and then come back to it at a different time? 

 Yes!  You must hit the Save button on each page before going to the next page.  When you have completed all of the items, hit Submit and your application will be submitted and your checklist will be available to show you the next steps.

2.  I already had a tour , do I need to come to an Open House?  

You are welcome to do both but it is not necessary.  The open houses will give more generalized information and a presentation by our Head of School followed by a general tour of the facility.  Tours offer more individualized approach depending on the age of your child.  The admissions office will complete those checklists items for you.

3.  I can't seem to get the telephone number correct. 

 You must enter a 1 followed by the area code.  Example  1 406 542 9924

4.  How do I know what the tuition is for the next year?

Sign up for a tour or an Open House.  We are proud of our school and our students and we want to share our school with you.  At the completion of the tour, you will receive a packet of information including the tuition for the year.  You can always contact Laura Bovard, Director of Admissions ( for information.